Social Club

The club was started in 1941. The Sheffield blitz hit the city on the nights of December 12th and 15th 1940 and its people were in a state of shock. All the men under 40 years of age had been conscripted into the Armed Services, families were disrupted, food was rationed, petrol was controlled, so the main source of news and entertainment was the ‘wireless’. Life was very bleak and the future uncertain.

This was the situation when Mrs Hard, the wife of the then minister (who was retiring) suggested that a Social Club might provide an evening of Fellowship, Friendship and Fun (for those of 21 years or more). An open to all club (whether church members or not).

It proved an immediate success and had a membership of 50+ for many years.

Well, times have changed!

Entertainment is on tap anytime, anywhere, i-pod, i-phone, i-pad, not to mention television. So how pleasant it is to meet on a Thursday afternoon at 2.30pm and get away from it all! Why not join us for F+F+F (see above). We would love to see you.

 Ron Webber