Pause for Thought

Dear friends,

During 2018 there have been two “Weddings of the Year”, if that is possible. The first one was the marriage of Prince Harry and the lovely Meghan. It was a fairy-tale wedding watched by millions around the world; there were famous friends in designer outfits and ridiculously high shoes (the ladies). The sun shone the whole time on the masses as they tried to see a glimpse of the royal couple. In the chapel most of the guests missed a lot of the ceremony because of the big wooden arches covered in flowers, but the bit most people remember for all the wrong reasons was the wonderful Bishop Curry who threw himself into his 13 minutes of fame, but what he spoke about was love. “There is power of love, power in love to help and heal, to lift up and to liberate”. “When you are loved, you know it and when you are in love, you show it; our lives are meant to live in love; where true love is found, God is there.” The other wedding was of my sister, Hazel, and the lovely Andrew in June. They have been together 19 years and Andrew proposed 18 months ago, something that both our families never thought would happen. Hazel looked like a Grecian goddess (which isn’t her normal look) and Dad looked very proud walking her down the aisle. This service was not a religious one but one thing that was apparent was that there was lots of love around. At the service all their friends and family were able to see the couple and everything that was happening. Andrew’s sister and I both did readings about love and treasuring each other. So my wishes are for everyone to love and be loved, to show that the power of love can overcome many obstacles. Whether we have to try harder to maintain a relationship or give our time to outside causes, remember Bishop Curry and the power that he put into his sermon.

Margaret Barron, with love