Pause for Thought

Dear Friends

As you read this, it is to be hoped that some of the restrictions we have endured since the beginning of lockdown will have been lifted. Over the last six months we have been touched and amazed at what people of all ages have done, from making PPE, raising money, going out of their way to help others, so many acts of kindness and generosity.

There is a house in Bradway Road where someone, I suspect a young person, has posted a joke of the day in an upstairs window every day since the start of lock down. The jokes are corny but they do make me laugh, or cringe, and I can’t be the only one who looks forward to reading them as we pass by. I think that simple action will have brought a smile to the face of a lot of folk and that is a wonderful thing to do.

Another young person who caught my attention was a ten year old girl who composed an incredibly inspirational poem called “Stand Together”. She was awarded the Blue Peter Post of the Week and earned herself a well-deserved Blue Peter badge. This is what she wrote:

In light of the troubles we have today There’s just a few things I’d like to say Although the days of this feel long Together as a country, we stand strong Share your kindness and your love
It’s no time to be mean, push or shove Hold on to your loved ones, hold them tight Listen to the rules and do what’s right Spend the precious times with your family Read, do puzzles, play games and be silly Watch Blue Peter, snuggle up on the sofa As mummy no longer needs to be chauffeur Take time to enjoy all the little things The small things and the pleasure it brings But most importantly of all Stay safe, be brave, we shall not fall.

Dear reader, let me put a smile on your face today with a sample of the daily joke. What do you call a belt with a watch on it? A waist of time!!

Jean Fermie