Pause for Thought

Dear friends,

Are you an early riser?
No, neither am I when I have a choice about it!
So it is with some trepidation that I invite you to set your alarm clocks for a very early hour on Easter morning! That is, if you would like to join me for a ‘Sunrise Service’ on Easter morning. (There is no guarantee we will see the sun, by the way!)
I know that some of you have supported such a service for many years now on Higger Tor. This invitation, however, is to an easy-access venue. We will be meeting at 5.45 a.m. at Charnock Recreation Ground, Carter Hall Lane (just off White Lane) for a brief service. A simple breakfast will then be served at 6.30 a.m. at Gleadless URC.
It is a sad fact about our modern world that our Easter season will pass the majority of people by with little regard. For many, the clearest sign that Easter has come and gone may well be the moment when the Easter Eggs go on special offer! Gone are the days when the life of our communities revolved around the shape of the Christian year and the celebration of Christian festivals.
We might shake our heads in sorrow at the wider world’s lack of attention to the Christian story of self-offering and new life. There is a danger, though, that we too allow the season to pass as just one week, or just one day, like any other. For me, sunrise services have been one way in which I have, over the years, been helped to keep a sense of the special nature of Easter Day, and the joy it brings to us.

What about it? Even if this is not for you, I hope and pray that this Easter you will have a real sense of God’s love outpoured in Jesus Christ our risen Saviour!
Yours in Christ,