Pause for Thought

Dear Friends

Do you like poetry? Or is it something you had to read, and perhaps learn, at school?  My mum knew a lot of poems ‘off by heart’ and as a child I loved listening to her reciting them.  Her favourite poem was He Fell Among Thieves by Sir Henry Newbolt and I can still picture in my mind the scenes I imagined as I listened.

My own favourite as I grew older was The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes.  I was determined to learn all of it.  If mum could do it – so could I!  Yes, I did learn it then, but it’s not so easy now to remember every verse.  Memory is not as it used to be!

What made me think more about poetry was a reference in a Sunday Service a few weeks ago to the Psalms as being poetical.  Indeed, they were the poetry of their time over many years whatever their subject – worship and praise, lament, plea, comfort, confession, warning and more. Some were being used as hymns at the time they were written and we still use them today. Many of the Psalms are well known, of course, but spend a little time looking at some of the others.  I’ve certainly begun to enjoy reading ones I’ve never looked at before.

So, on a slightly different – but connected – note, here’s a challenge – to write a poem, or a modern version of a Psalm for Take Notice.

I’m sure our Editor would be pleased to receive contributions. Editor’s decision final, of course!

Happy reading – or writing!

Brenda Harrison