Grace Food Bank

The foodbank office is in the Upper Rooms at the Terminus Initiative, fortuitously next to the Health Improvement team which means it’s easy to signpost the clients to activities run by the Terminus and for people attending Terminus activities to be referred to the food bank when necessary.  The most useful foods are the ones that require the least time to cook and fewest additional ingredients. So white rice is better than brown rice, and jars of pasta sauce which can just be heated and poured over pasta are more useful than a sachet of sausage casserole mix (which really does need sausages!)

The Christmas Wish list !!!
SMALL Christmas cakes or packs of Christmas chocolate mini rolls, etc.
Christmas biscuits – MEDIUM boxes
Pringles, cheddars or similar crisps in a cardboard tube
Selection boxes/chocolate coins/chocolates/sweets -MEDIUM sized boxes (400g) that look festive!
Bottles of fizzy grape juice or similar
Tins of salmon and tins of ham
Jars of Coffee
Tins/cartons of custard or sachets of instant custard
SMALL boxes of crackers/biscuits for cheese
Boxes of mince pies – please make sure that they don’t need using before Christmas Day!
All items need a Use By date that’s after 25th December.
Please remember that these items will all be packed into bags then transported to the collection sessions. So, for example, small bags of solid milk chocolate Santas are more useful than hollow and very fragile chocolate Santas! Whilst we might stock up on dried fruits and mincemeat for Christmas baking, many of the clients don’t have the right equipment or experience to make use of those items.
Please make sure all Christmas items will be at the food bank before 4th December.
Why so early? All donated food has to be weighed, sorted and packed and items need to be bought to fill in any gaps. The
Christmas food will be given out at four extended collection sessions on 7th, 12th, 14th and 19th December so all the food has to be taken from the foodbank to the distribution points (up to 80 bags of food to transport) hence the need for four collection sessions. The food given out is non-perishable and it is given out in plenty of time for Christmas in the hope that people won’t end up going into debt trying to buy extra nice things.
If anyone would prefer to donate money, this will be used to fill in any gaps and to buy some fresh produce. Cheques can be made payable to Grace Food Bank and marked “for Christmas” on the envelope.

Jeanne Clark