Grace Food Bank

On 19th December a record was broken when over 1.1 tonnes of food was weighed in one day. The foodbank volunteers would like to say a huge thank you to all the churches, workplaces, schools, families, shops and community groups for donating so generously. All the food found a good home. If there is ever a surplus of anything it is either swapped with another foodbank or donated to them, knowing that if it’s ever the other way round they will help the Grace Food bank out.

 Anyone who had used the foodbank from September onwards was invited back for a Christmas parcel. Sometimes when people were invited back they were able to decline because their personal circumstances had changed and they were actually in a position where they could donate to help others – that is always good to hear.  It is also a chance to catch up on their stories; sometimes good – a job interview and an optimism about the future; sometimes not so good – a lost job, homelessness or health problems.   One “catch up” came in a letter with a cheque for the foodbank from a family helped when one family member was very ill and another was unemployed.  Some years later they are in good health and working and wanted to give back to the foodbank.

Jeanne Clark