Grace Food Bank

Do you know what goes on behind the scenes at the foodbank? Each week an average of half a tonne of food is brought to the foodbank by volunteers from churches, community groups, schools and workplaces; volunteers collect food from local supermarkets. All donations need to be weighed, sorted, shelved and packed into food parcels before being taken to the foodbank sessions where the bags are given to people who have been referred; some food parcels are delivered to clients who are not able to get to the collection sessions. Financial donations are also vital so that when stocks are low, food items can be bought to fill the gaps.
Meet and Eat sessions are held to cook and share tasty and nutritious meals prepared from basic ingredients. At one recent session someone who was first referred to the foodbank last year called in. After being homeless and sleeping in a tent over the winter, the CAB worker who attends the foodbank sessions helped this person get their benefits sorted and they became a regular at Meet and Eat. This person is now working, living in private rented accommodation and just looks so much happier. They can’t get to Meet and Eat regularly now because of work but managed to get there last week to say hello. Just being reminded that happy endings are possible is an encouragement!