Grace Food Bank

The food bank and local health partners have been busy during the school holidays organising Brunch and Craft sessions on Monday mornings, mainly for families who are missing out on free school meals at this time of year. Recipe packs are given out at the end so the families can cook a meal at home.

Copies of the annual report are on the bookcase in church. Some of the figures are astounding! Over 33 tonnes of food was donated during the 2018-2019 financial year which means 33 tonnes of food was carried into the foodbank; over 2000 journeys from car to the sorting room; 33 tonnes of food lifted onto and off the scales.

If it were all pasta it would be 66,000 bags of pasta and if it were all baked beans it would be 82,500 tins – though, of course it’s a mixture of all the different things that are needed! There was over a tonne of food a week in December and half the food for the year is donated between mid-September and mid-January. Food to feed 2046 adults and 951 children was donated. 195 adults and 115 children received Christmas parcels, and 175 recipe packs to provide a meal for 337 children in the summer holidays were given out.

Jeanne Clark