Grace Food Bank

 Universal Credit is due to go “full service” in November and December. People making a new claim for this benefit at that point will probably not be paid before Christmas – we expect to be busy at the food bank!
After two years of trying (and having pretty much given up hope) Morrison’s at Meadowhead have agreed that the food bank can have a permanent collecting box there, the donations being shared with Gleadless Valley food bank.
It will be a busy time for all volunteering at the food bank around harvest and during the lead up to Christmas. Money donations are also welcome – especially as the charity has been registered for Gift Aid for enough years to be able to claim Gift Aid on ‘loose change’ donations made over the past two years. This has helped the finances significantly and enables food items to be purchased when there are not enough of some items to go in the weekly bags.

Currently the food bank is short of
 Tinned potatoes
 Tinned tomatoes or those in cartons
 Jars of pasta sauce
 UHT Milk
 Tomato Ketchup
 Jam
But they do have plenty of pasta, baked beans and cat food.