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Sheffield URC Team News Jan17 (2)


The team ministers are introducing open sessions where we will learn songs or hymns that may be new to us and find out a bit about the background and meaning to the songs.  There will be something for all tastes.  The next session will be at Dore and Totley URC on  Sunday March 19th at 7 p.m. 

last time……
Around 30 of us from several of the Sheffield URC churches met together at Trinity URC on 5th February to learn some new hymns led by Simon, Jamie and two organists. After practising line by line for a verse or two, we had a welcome break for a drink, biscuit and chat. We then came back together and sang six hymns through and what a lovely sound we made! Now I know why the work Gareth Malone does in forming a choir is so worthwhile; we had a great time!
Elaine Ferguson


As the Team has travelled around recently, they have met several new people coming through the doors to worship. But how do we nurture and encourage these folk on their spiritual journey?

One way is to set up a safe space in which people can explore the Christian faith at their own pace, a flexible space which encompasses a rolling programme of enquiry about the first steps in the Christian journey.

So the Team has set aside an open Welcome Evening for anyone who may wish to discover more about Christian faith, ask questions or explore more in an informal setting. The first evening at Jamie’s house, 52 Kenwood Park Road, S7 1NF. It is intended to run these evenings periodically, thereafter.

Please use this opportunity to invite anyone whom you meet or speak to, whom you feel is searching for answers, help or needs space to explore questions about faith and the URC. Folk who invite friends are free to come with them if it helps. It would be very helpful to know if you have invited someone and who might come … but please note this is not an open-invitation event to Church Members.